Causes of skin itching Neurodermatitis

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In this article I will discuss the root causes of skin itching which creates ALL the suffering in Neurodermatitis (and all the other skin problems).

While there are many theories about the causes of skin itching for people with Neurodermatitis, there are no causal treatments available which allow an effective treatment of the symptoms. As I have discussed in other blog entries that it is very important to treat the cause of any disease instead of the symptoms, symptomatic treatment still prevails for almost all skin issues.

Unknown causes of skin itching make skin treatments ineffective

In the absence of understanding we always treat the symptoms, which at least alleviates the pain, but it will never provide a cure, something we have to keep in mind.

After many years of tremendous suffering and complete helplessness with constant skin itching I was very lucky that I discovered what was causing it. Here is how I made the discovery. In the beginning of my Neurodermatitis ordeal I was experiencing extreme swelling of my feet, something which is called an edema. It is very painful and when it happened I could not walk anymore for a couple of days. Edemas fall under the same category of health issues like Neurodermatitis, nobody can explain to you whats causing it and all treatment is symptomatic.

It was so painful that I decided to do something about it myself.

One day when my feet started to swell again I sat down and put my awareness on my feet and I did notice one area which felt stagnant, dense and contracted. This energy was like some dense, contracted matter in my feet and it blocked the blood flow and everything else.

To my amazement it started to move around as I kept watching it. It appeared that me observing it changed the experience of what was going on in my feet and after 20 minutes I felt movement instead of a dense contracted lifeless area in my feet. This was just the beginning and after another 30 minutes of just sitting and watching the whole swelling experience was gone. I was very surprised and very happy about my discovery which is the basis of the process that I am teaching to people interested in recovering their health naturally.

All that I needed was time and focus, no pills, no cremes none of that.

I had discovered the causes of skin itching and many other chronic pain diseases

Most of us experience traumatic things in our lives. We might not be aware of them, but they do leave scars inside. A trauma could be a fight, a disappointment, an accident or just a rejection. We begin suppressing the associated emotions in our bodies and when enough of this emotions is accumulated it starts affecting our bodies and our thinking. We kind of grow into our diseases not being aware that our thinking processes and experiences from the past are the cause of it.

This suppressed energy that anybody can become aware of in less than a minute comes from three emotions.

  • Grief – The desire for help or rescue from somebody
  • Fear – The desire to be safe
  • Anger – The desire to be in control
and each of those components has different impacts on our bodies. Grief is a severe block of blood flow and makes us feel depressed. Fear contracts muscles and can deform joints, impact our posture and anger causes irritation of skin and tissue.
As long as we have suppressed emotions “under our skin” there is no pills, treatment or cure that will allow us to get rid of Neurodermatitis!

The impact that those suppressed emotions have on us are as follows:

  • Causes of skin itching 1: Creates irritation in our skin
  • Causes of skin itching 2: Shuts down the natural self healing forces of our body
  • Causes of skin itching 3: Causes pain
  • Causes of skin itching 4: Blocks the blood flow

You might ask yourself how I know this? Very simple, I see and experience that every day when I guide and teach people how to eliminate those suppressed emotions from their bodies. As soon as the causes of skin itching are gone the symptoms disapear and self healing begins in a very powerful way.

Its like Magic. When the causes of skin itching are gone all symptoms disappear.

It is not that just 1 symptom like the itching disappears, no, all of them go away plus you will be able to sleep well again. If you want to know more how this can help you please download the Free “Secrets to Ending Neurodermatitis” Guide!


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Sky A., Dentist, England

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