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We Help People with Neurodermatitis End Their Suffering

Stop the Scratching – Eliminate Your Frustration – Be Happy and Fulfilled

Understand the Cause

Know the Way Out

New Beginnings

Can’t Stop Itching and Scratching?

Are you frustrated that nothing has         worked?

Are you dreading the next itch attack?

Does Neurodermatitis threaten your       career?

Is your thinking driving you crazy?

Are you ashamed when others see           your  skin?

Do you miss exercising or going to the      beach?

Are you worried of not living your            purpose?

Are you afraid it will never end?

You Don’t have to Live this Way!

“The skin started to heal without using any creams.

It was an amazing feeling!”

          Sky A., Dentist, England

“The learning was very simple and I enjoyed every single session with Guido and I can really recommend his work to anybody suffering from Neurodermatitis.”  M.I. Serbia Artist

What Makes Apsolvo So Different?

End the Fight you can Never Win!


Guido Walter, Founder Apsolvo

“20 Years of Neurodermatitis Gone in a Few Weeks!”  P. N. Consultant – UK

Breaking the itch-scratch cycle of Neurodermatitis is torturous. We created a process that resolves the issue at its core that helps our clients find relief and get their life back.

3 Steps to Never Itching Again


Step 1

Schedule a Free Call

A 90-minute video call  for your first breakthrough experience.


Step 2

Create a Custom Plan

Together we will create an individualized plan. 


Step 3

Experience Results

90 % of people experience a complete recovery within 12 sessions.

How much is Neurodermatitis costing you?

How much is Neurodermatitis costing you? How many times have you told yourself that you will never scratch yourself again? How many times have you been looking for a solution only to be disappointed again? How much longer are you willing to endure the depression and frustration of not knowing what to do? Can there ever be change if you keep doing the same thing? What would happen if this nightmare never ends?

At a Glance

We only work with you if you have already seen a doctor!

Experience from helping hundreds of              people since 2005

Available in English, Spanish and German

✓ All sessions are over the phone, no need       to leave your home

90% find relief within 12 sessions

Addresses the root cause

Offers a permanent solution

Get 5 Vital Truths to Know about Neurodermatitis!

Our Guarantee to You

We Guarantee that you:

Gain understanding of the cause of your suffering
 Have a significant shift in how you feel about yourself
 Enjoy improved relationships
 Gain mental peace and restful sleep at night
Find your  your purpose
Learn to love yourself

Money back Guarantee

If you do not experience any of the items on the left we give you your money back.

90% of the participants experience a complete recovery of their skin, something we do not guarantee. Some people need more than the initial set of sessions.

Not believing what anybody told me about Neurodermatitis gave me the Insights that ended my suffering.

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