Success Stories

Working with Guido was a life-changing experience
Working with Guido was a life-changing experience. I had suffered with neurodermatitis for quite a while. I had tried everything I came across in my struggle to get rid of it. With little results.

I didn’t want to be reliant on cortisone cream for the rest of my life. Since my sessions with Guido, not only has my skin cleared up but my whole outlook on life has changed for the better.
Maddie D, Canada, Student

I am absolutely grateful for this program and Guido’s experience

Before I found Guido’s video on YouTube I was really lost. Not only because my skin was hurting, but also in general: my life, my body and I were in crisis for some time and it was exploding. I had lost the sense of purpose and I was living on survival mode.
I was feeling awful about myself and what I was doing and no clue why. I contacted Guido and he explained me how the mind works and shared his own experience with neurodermatitis. I really have to thank him for holding my hand and staying calmed and strong during my lowest moments.
It takes time and dedication, but I can totally say it is worth it. His method is simple and very doable. I was able to learn a lot about myself and it gave me the tools to continue on my own. I let go of thoughts I didn’t know were holding me back.

After 4 months my skin is almost 100% healed and I am still enjoying this process. I changed my lifestyle while letting go of shame and guilt, my relationships also changed, my career changed. I realized what I was doing before wasn’t coming from me and I was burning. I have found myself again and I am not going back.

I am absolutely grateful for this program and Guido’s experience. Neurodermatitis seemed to be the worst that could have happened at this time of my life, but in reality, it was a blessing and an opportunity to get back to me and embrace life with love and gratefulness.
Thank you!

20 years of Neurodermatitis gone in a few weeks!

With great interest I have read Guido’s website and blog, and that’s how I got in touch with him. I am in my early 40ties and have been suffering from Neurodermatitis on an on-and-off basis since I was 20.

Very early on when the symptoms first started, I decided not to go down the traditional ‘medical’ route. With cortisone, pills, cremes etc. With alternative healing methods e.g. homeopathy etc, I was able to keep the symptoms ‘under control’. Often they disappeared to some extent. Though I was never able to get rid of the symptoms completely.

Whenever something unexpected happened in my life, the emotional stress overwhelmed me and the skin symptoms came back. Every time stronger than before! This time, in August 2014, the symptoms came back very severely, and even appeared on parts of my body where I never experienced them before.

When I first spoke to Guido and learnt about the Ending Neurodermatitis Program I knew that this is for me. This was what I have been searching for for all this time! I realized, that all I have done so far in terms of treating the symptoms was a temporary fix and that I never dealt with the real problem, myself.

I was ready to change, to find myself. To rid myself of all the fear, grief and anger deeply buried inside me. To free myself from all this pain and suffering, for ever!

The experience with Guido has been absolutely fantastic! Every session was powerful and relaxing at the same time, and I could feel it was working instantly. After each session I felt so much lighter, optimistic, happy, and I was always looking forward to the next session.

After 10 sessions, my skin has cleared up almost completely! I feel lighter emotionally as well as physically. I’m now looking at myself and life as a whole in a completely different way. I have rediscovered what it really means to be happy, and I am full of energy!

I’m now able to look into the future with optimism. I see life with all its possibilities rather than its problems. I am more than grateful, and I will continue my sessions with Guido as there is so much more to discover, it’s fantastic!

With Guido’s help I am now looking at myself in a different way. I am grateful and I’m thanking my skin to make me aware. To look at life and what I was going through from a different perspective.

I’m thanking my body for making me look inside and to find my own healing powers from within. It was always there, I just couldn’t see it. Guido showed me the way, thank you!

P.N. Consultant London

Years of constant suffering end within a few month!

For years I had been suffering from what I now know is neurodermatitis. I had been diagnosed with all kinds of allergies, eczema and other types of skin disorders.

Regardless of the diagnostic, no allergist, dermatologist, acupuncture expert, nutritionist or alternative medicine doctor was able to help me.
I tried creams, medicines, diets, herbs, tinctures and anything I heard or read about that could offer hope.

Nothing helped.

I was suffering on a daily basis. With extreme itching, oozing wounds all over. Dry/cracking skin that bled, irritated and itching eye lids, and the list goes on.

I could not fall asleep without scratching for 30 to sometimes 90 minutes…only to wake up again after an hour or two of sleep with the same symptoms…and then scratch for another hour or two before resuming sleep at 3am.

I started taking sleeping pills to catch up on sleep and get some rest. Equally as bad or even worse, my self esteem was deeply hurt. Ashamed to wear shorts or let people see my hands, thinking this would never go away and would even get worse.

I met Guido through life’s “coincidences”. I didn’t even know he had suffered from a similar condition and I was very skeptical about the whole thing. I was wrong.

After just a few sessions I felt a transformation deep inside. A couple of months later, not only my skin was practically healed. I wasn’t using sleeping pills anymore or creams, but I had a different perspective on what I was going through and on life in general.

I now see how the skin issues will be something from the past. I even thank my body for forcing me to look inside and heal from within…and of course, I thank Guido for showing me the way.

N.K. California Entrepreneur

Lifelong suffering from Neurodermatitis is much better

I have experienced Neurodermatitis from very early on. After having spent my whole life searching for healing I finally found out what was causing it.

My own thinking.

With Guido’s help my life has become much better. My life has taken a new direction, I am starting a new career and for the first time I am really happy. The learning was very simple. I enjoyed every single session with Guido. I can really recommend his work to anybody suffering from Neurodermatitis.

M.I. Serbia Artist

It is a life altering experience and I highly recommend it

When I first came across Guido I was really skeptical and unsure about it. I wasn’t convinced that this program could help me. After our first session I was a little bit confused because it wasn’t what I had expected.

Guido seemed to care and have an understanding that other doctors, therapists and healers did not have.

Guido taught me concepts completely foreign to me that I will value for the rest of life. Insights and principles on a very deep level about myself and life. It is a life altering experience. I highly recommend it to anyone going through the struggle. Do not hesitate!

Rich V, NZ , Artist

Towards the end of my 12 sessions I could see healing in my skin
I had been suffering for over 10 years. I had seen doctors for advice. I had tried different ointments and medications, but nothing was helping.

The itch/scratch attacks kept coming. And even though I hated myself for scratching my skin I could not stop doing it.
I could not enjoy quality time with my family or friends. I had to hide my scratched skin under my clothes.

I did understand that Neurodermitis is related to stress. But I did not want to take the medications to deal with stress.

I was surfing the internet for another ideas or advice for how to stop my suffering. I came across the Apsolvo website and the Ending Neurodermitis program.

I got in touch with Guido and started my journey towards ending my nightmare of bleeding/dry skin. I did not believe it would lead to the success but I was desperate to try anything.

It was a fantastic experience to work with Guido. Some of the sessions were very intense and tiring for me. But after each session I felt very relaxed, happy and full of new and very interesting thoughts. I felt at ease.

I started to understand that my Neurodermitis was caused by imbalances in my mind. Trauma/memories from the past. I learned how the mind works. I have learned that a lot of things exist only in my fantasy.

I began to see the benefits and drawbacks to situations that were challenging me. I also learned about synchronicity. Seeing my life in a new way with balanced perceptions, lead to feeling loved and happy, instead of feeling frustrated.

Towards the end of my 12 sessions I could see healing in my skin. The skin started to heal without using any creams. It was an amazing feeling ….

The wisdom I gained from the sessions with Guido brought me much more happiness and joy. Both at work and with my family. It made me look at my life completely differently.

It is hard to believe, but now I am saying thank you to my Neurodermitis. It helped me to find happiness in my life.

I will be more than happy to have more sessions with Guido. There are still so many interesting things to learn.

Once again a massive Thank You to you Guido. For showing me the way to stop my suffering and start enjoying a fulfilled life.

Sky A., England