How to Get Rid of Neurodermatitis

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In this article I will give you ideas about how to get rid of Neurodermatitis.

Neurodermatitis seems to be very difficult to get rid of. I tried different cremes, oils and medication without any success until I figured out a way to eliminate what is causing Neurodermatitis. I knew after 6 month that I couldn’t expect to get rid of Neurodermatitis by using cortisone, oils or cremes. I didn’t even try to cover it up, no I decided to find a solution and recover my health completely. After about 4 years into the ordeal I discovered what was causing it and I also discovered the easy way to get rid of Neurodermatitis and that is what I want to explain in this article.

How to get rid of Neurodermatitis

The very necessary first step is to recognize, that Neurodermatitis has nothing to do with your skin, food, genes or anything else but with you. If you research Neurodermatitis you will find that the medical experts admit that there is no cure. So did you ever wonder why there is no cure available to people like you and me? The reason is very simple.

There are 2 obstacles in the way of getting rid of Neurodermatitis:

 Obstacle #1 to get rid of Neurodermatitis: Feelings stress, frustration and the influence of our psyche is not understood or accepted in the medical world and it is 100% not being researched by the drug companies.

Obstacle #2 to get rid of Neurodermatitis: Even if you realize that Neurodermatitis comes from our thoughts and emotions still does not help you because there is no process or treatment available to people who suffer from Neurodermatitis that gives fast and reliable success with the symptoms.

In 2004 I was talking to the head of a skin clinic and mentioned to her that I was aware of how my thinking was causing my skin to itch. She smiled at me and said: “Yes we know that – but there is absolutely nothing you can do about it”. Today I am very glad, that I didn’t buy into that belief because that is exactly what needs to be done to get rid of Neurodermatitis and be done with the nasty symptoms that come with it. When you look at the term Neuro = nerve and dermitis = skin it might dawn on you that the two are related.

I agree, if you don’t understand how the mind works and how we can very easily deal with our feelings it seems absolutely impossible to get rid of Neurodermatitis. In reality the whole process is a lot more simple than I ever thought. There is no reference or anything comparable that I can use to explain to you how it works. But I will try my best. Lets take a look at how we create Neurodermatitis:

How we create Neurodermatitis

I We create a skin irritation

Every time we have a thought that we resist or don’t like we suppress that thought energy into our body. If you have a fear about something or a frustration this thought energy is being accumulated in your body. The process is accumulative which means that your stress level is the sum total of all your stress thoughts from the past. Once a certain level is reached the accumulated suppressed energy affects your skin and creates the initial symptoms of skin irritation.

Please follow along with this practical Experiment

If you agree, I want to invite you to a little experiment which only takes a few minutes. I would like you to actually experience what I am talking about.

  1. Please close your eyes and put your awareness on the area where your skin is itching.
  2. You will notice that there is an area around the affected area of your skin that feels different. It is around the damaged skin but extends even further.
  3. With your eyes closed move around this area that feels different. You will notice, that this area has a certain form and shape and feels dense, low energy and it does have a center where all the irritation is coming from. Please spend a minute or two until you become aware of that area.
That is the area where the suppressed emotions from the past are stored in your body, and that is what is causing all the trouble. When you learn to get that energy out of your body all symptoms go away very quickly. The itching stops and the skin heals.
II We attack what bothers us
Once we get frustrated enough with the constant pain from our skin we begin to scratch, in the beginning just a little bit until we develop a habit that gets out of control and we can’t stop anymore. Triggered by the slightest itch we start to scratch even if we don’t want to, we can’t stop. Our emotions are very powerful and typically control our actions unless you have extreme willpower. 
You don’t have to believe what I am writing here and in fact you should not believe anything anybody says unless you can prove it to yourself and you can if you are interested. I would love to show you how. So now the question becomes…

How to get rid of Neurodermatitis by eliminating what is causing it

That is the core of what Apsolvo is all about. What we teach to anybody interested is how to locate the suppressed energy in your body to eliminate what is causing all the pain of Neurodermatitis. Everybody has the ability to get rid of Neurodermatitis by eliminating the suppressed emotions from the past. The process is so simple and direct, that it always surprises new people when they have the experience for the first time. They can feel the difference immediately. We just have never learned how to do it.

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