What is Neurodermatitis?

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This article will give you new ideas to the question what is Neurodermatitis.

Neurodermatitis is a progressive skin disorder caused by internal thinking processes which manifests in the skin. Initially it starts off with intense stress or anxiety that causes the skin to react. This initial skin reaction is now creating thoughts of frustration and rejection which lead to a never ending struggle within the person leading to a continuous itch-scratch cycle which keeps the skin from healing.

The most difficult thing to deal with and to change is the constant need to scratch, a very powerful urge that overcomes the person who has Neurodermatitis many times a day. Even though a very painful and horrible thing to do, the scratching gives relieve from the intense itching.

So what is Neurodermatitis?

Neurodermatitis is a condition that is many things at the same time. I will discuss the main aspects to give you more insights and ideas coming from my own experience and understanding that in the end led all my symptoms to disappear in a very short time.

Here are the various aspects that define Neurodermatitis:

  • What is Neurodermatitis?: #1 A vicious itch-scratch cycle
  • What is Neurodermatitis?: #2  More than just a skin issue
  • What is Neurodermatitis?: #3  An indication of inner conflict
  • What is Neurodermatitis?: #4  A mirror of what is going on inside a person

What is Neurodermatitis?: #1 A vicious itch-scratch cycle

Imagine that something or somebody in your environment would annoy and bother you in a way that creates constant and tremendous pain in you. How do you react? Sooner or later you might want to protect or defend yourself. If that doesn’t work at one point you might express your anger and frustration and attack whatever is bothering you. That is the vicious cycle that is behind Neurodermatitis. In other words when the frustration gets strong enough we basically attack what is bothering us in the case of Neurodermatitis, our own skin. I always felt some kind of strange satisfaction when I was scratching, I now know that this comes from feeling good about punishing the culprit even if it is myself. You don’t have to believe what I am saying here, if you are curious you can find out for yourself. I would be happy to show you how.

What is Neurodermatitis: A vicious itch-scratch cycle

What is Neurodermatitis?: #2  More than just a skin issue

In my case Neurodermatitis became the center of my life, the constant itching and treating the symptoms was one thing but there were many other aspects. I was in another vicious cycle of trying to figure out how to get out of it, which is a futile undertaking because it is caused by the thinking itself. What I realize now is that if the mind does not have an answer it is a waste of time to keep asking without getting an answer, something we all do out of habit leaving you even more frustrated and powerless.

What is Neurodermatitis?: #3  An indication of inner conflict

There are countless possibilities to to look at inner conflicts, there complete volumes of books that have been written about neurosis which is not helpful at all except for the scientists that love analyzing things to the last detail. What is more helpful is to look at the issue from a higher level to understand the mechnism behind it. The basic wants that drive all of our actions are three: Wanting approval, wanting control and wanting safety. Those correspond with the three evolutionary development stages that make up our thinking hardware. Each part takes care of one of the primary aspects of our thinking. Limbic system = wanting approval, Neocortex = wanting control and Reptile Brain = wanting safety. Whatever we do comes from those three main motivations: We want to feel accepted, we want to be in control of our lives and we want to have safety. The conflict comes if we perceive a lack in any one of those three areas without having a strategy to resolve the perceived lack.

When we grow up and learn certain things about the world and ourselves we also pick up many concepts and believes which are not true or very limiting. Conflicts come into play if we on one hand have the desire to do certain things but fear keeps us from getting what we want. The stronger the desire the bigger the conflict and the frustration that comes with it.

What is Neurodermatitis?: #4  A mirror of what is going on inside a person

The skin just shows what is going on inside of us. It is not the cause of our misery but only a symptom. First we have certain unresolved emotional issues and fears which cause us to think and react in certain ways. Since we have never learned to deal with our emotions except suppressing them we are stuck with them, not knowing that we all have the latent ability to eliminate those feelings in a very easy and fast way. Read how to eliminate the cause of Neurodermatitis on the Cause page. One of the most devastating and painful ways of thinking is the desire to change. The desire to change is linked to feeling out of control and frustration (anger). As long as we want to change things we are stuck in thinking about the things which we don’t want. After looking at myself for a long time I was able to realize, that there is only one thing you can change and that is your thinking. You can’t change the past nor the future, the only time where you can change something is this very moment. Healing and peace of mind comes from being in an accepting state of harmony. Once we are able to go back to that state all of the Neurodermatitis symptoms will go away. And that is what I can teach you in a direct and effective non psychological way without using any tools or remedy.

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