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This is the place for people who are serious about ending Neurodermatitis

It is for people who are done itching and scratching, done with trying to figuring it out, done with waking up at night. People who decided that they have suffered enough and that it is time to do something else.

All of the information contained within this blog is based upon personal observation and first-hand experience of tremendous pain for many years.

While neither scientifically proven nor researched, it was the only thing that helped me recover my health from the horror of Neurodermitis – while learning a lot about myself in the process.

I use medicine – and consult doctors very selectively – in those areas where medicine is resolving health issues directly. So I am not against medicine but I am 100% to trying everything to recover my health naturally so that I do not have to take any medicine at all.

Upon the onset of my disease, I decided to avoid drugs used in those areas of medicine where only the symptoms are treated – drugs that could not lead, by their very nature, to the complete recovery of natural health.

In my opinion, there is always a reason for any health issue and the way to resolve the issue is to find a natural cure. It is vital to work with the issue rather than attempting to cut it – or drug it – from our experience.

Cure through Elimination of what is Causing our skin to react

This has helped me transform my life and find peace, harmony and balance.

What I am writing here is my personal opinion – please, always follow your own judgment and do what you sincerely believe will help you the most.


Guido Walter

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“The skin started to heal without using any creams. It was an amazing feeling!”

Sky A., Dentist, England

“The learning was very simple and I enjoyed every single session with Guido and I can really recommend his work to anybody suffering from Neurodermatitis.”

M.I. Serbia Artist

“20 Years of Neurodermatitis Gone in a Few Weeks!”

P. N. Consultant – UK