Treating the cause of Neurodermatitis vs. Treating the Symptom

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I want to explain to you the very important difference between treating the cause of Neurodermatitis versus treating the symptom, and I am going to use an experience I had to explain it in a way that is easy and fun to understand.

I was driving an Audi of a friend of mine until the car stopped unexpectedly in front of a gas station. (Symptom: Engine does not work) The car was a relatively new Audi A4, maybe 12 months old. There was enough gas in the tank. (Assumption) We started to check the usual possibilities in a case like that: spark, air filter, electrical cables, all the rest, and found nothing…

There is nothing wrong with the engine…

It turned out, that the gas gauge was broken. (Misleading indicator) We all assumed that there was enough gas in the tank, when it was completely empty (The wrong assumption).

The mechanics could have tried many more complicated and expensive tests, BUT cars don’t run without gas.

So much to assumptions, symptoms and cause. I am sure you get the idea. The example seems funny but thats exactly what is happening with Neurodermatitis.

There is a reason for everything that happens, we just don’t see it and as long as we don’t eliminate the thing that is causing the issue, we will not get very far.

I had the same experience with my 4 year struggle where I tried many different approaches and remedies with no success. When I finally found the cause for all the health problems I was experiencing, all symptoms disappeared in days.

I think that it is a good thing to be skeptical, to never stop questioning, and to believe only what you can experience for yourself.

Treating the cause of Neurodermatitis

So how does that relate to why it is so important to treat the symptom. Very simple as long as we don’t get to the one thing that is making us sick its just not going to have any effect. The same way that Audi’s don’t drive without gas in the tank. I went through all the different assumed causes of my ordeal without experiencing the desired result. Once I started to eliminate the supressed feelings of stress and frustration the change came immediatly.

I group the methods that I used before in the following categories:

Change the properties of the skin:

Oils and creams to keep the skin moist and prevent irritation, infection, swelling and cracking of skin.

Change the way the nervous system processes the symptoms:

Cortison, pain killer medication. special nutrition…

Working on the cause:

Anti stress classes, relaxation, thought control, psychotherapy…

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