How to Stop Itching

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How to Stop Itching?

If you are looking for a way to stop itching, you might want to go see a dermatologist and ask him about Neurodermatitis.

Neurodermatitis is a vicious cycle of itching and scratching that never seems to stop. Over time it is very exhausting and limiting. I experienced this vicious cycle for many years, until I took things into my own hands. Please read more about my experience.

How to Stop Itching when doctors can’t help

The first step is always to go see a doctor. In many cases they can help very fast and have a solution to your skin itching. My case was different, I went to different doctors in the US and Germany and they could not help me. I took all the different medications and creams but my skin situation got worse and I was desperately looking for an answer to my question: How can I stop itching?

How to Stop Itching when medication does not help

I tried everything else.

My next step was to consult with a psychologist. For 1 and 1/2 years I went three times a week and the situation was not getting better one bit. I tried all kinds of different diets, ointments, treatments, wonder-healers and nothing worked. I was at the end of my wisdom and the possibilities that I could come up with.

How to Stop Itching when creams don’t help

At times I felt like an inventor. From all the different trials of getting well again or at least getting relief from the symptoms I learned many things. I learned that oil of Oregano was helping when my skin got infected. I also learned that when my skin was kept moist it would crack less and the scratching was less painful. The one cream that helped me the most was “Linola Fett” from Germany. It kept my skin moist and somewhat reduced the itching.

It was also helpful to expose myself to sun, as the skin was tanning it also became thicker and more resistant and itching and scratching.

How to Stop Itching when nothing has worked

After a year I was totally caught up with managing and trying to fix this situation and it was not working at all. Intuitively I knew that I had to do something else, otherwise I would be getting the same results and that is what I dreaded the most. Being stuck with a chronic disease like many other people (possibly as much as 40% of the worlds population).

There was one thing I could not grasp.
How can it be, that there are so many people with the same problem?
And how can it be that there is no cure?

How to Stop Itching when you are open to a new solution

Nothing made sense and I began to ask myself questions. Question like what is causing the skin itching? I began to study the writings of spiritual masters who always say that the solutions to all of our problems are inside of us.

I began to see how the skin itching was somehow linked to my thoughts.

One day when I was in a very bad shape I went to a clinic specialized in Neurodermatitis and I mentioned my observation and the response was laughter and ridicule. The doctor who I was consulting with agreed with me and the laughter was not coming from making a ridiculous claim but more from the point of view that there was nothing that could be done about the thinking part.

And that is where I am different from most people. I don’t take anything for granted and I am used to trust in myself more than the opinions of other people.

I did resolve Neurodermatitis and Arthritis symptoms within myself. Without anybodies help, medication or creams. To me it was a great victory and for 10 years I have shown people like you to find an answer and solution to the question: How to stop itching.

My conclusion is the following: If you can’t find an answer to “How to Stop Itching” even though you have tried everything start to look for an answer inside of yourself.

Please read more about my discovery.


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“The skin started to heal without using any creams. It was an amazing feeling!”

Sky A., Dentist, England

“The learning was very simple and I enjoyed every single session with Guido and I can really recommend his work to anybody suffering from Neurodermatitis.”

M.I. Serbia Artist

“20 Years of Neurodermatitis Gone in a Few Weeks!”

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