Itch Scratch Cycle of Neurodermatitis and How to Break It

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This article explains what is behind the itch scratch cycle of Neurodermatitis.

The most painful and difficult aspects of Neurodermatitis is the constant and recurring need to scratch, a self reinforcing process that leads to exhaustion and tremendous suffering. Over time the repetition builds an ever stronger stimulus-response habit that is stronger than the willpower of the person caught up in the vicious cycle of a constant never ending itch scratch drama. In this article I will discuss all the reasons that lead to the chronic habit of scratching.

The itching and scratch drama never ended

I was suffering from an uncontrollable itch scratch cycle for many years leaving me powerless over what I was doing many times a day against my will. I became like a robot that would repeat the same behavior many times a day without having a choice. Even when I tried to resist the itching I could only do so for a few minutes before I would start scratching all over again. Just touching a part of my body that was itching would trigger a full blown itch scratch attack on myself which would leave me strangely satisfied and but without itching. Even though I was bleeding and my skin got more damaged over time I could not stop. Often I would promise myself to NEVER EVER do it again… A promise that would last 2-3 hours until the next attack came. At its worst stage this went on for month without any break from the itch scratch madness…

How to break the Itch Scratch cycle of Neurodermatitis effectively and in a short time

After years of looking for a way the cure myself naturally, I gained enough insights in the mechanism that was driving this behavior. If you feel inspired to find out more, I would love to show you how to do get rid of Neurodermatitis.

While Psoriasis and Neurodermatitis are related disorders, only Neurodermatitis comes with this chronic itch scratch cycle. In this article I will discuss the dynamics behind the chronic itch scratch syndrome which will give you more understanding.

The causing factors behind the itch scratch cycle are:

  • The itch scratch cycle cause #1: Emotions are a powerful driving force
  • The itch scratch cycle cause #2: Repetition creates automatic behavior
  • The itch scratch cycle cause #3: Resistance creates more of what we don’t want
  • The itch scratch cycle cause #4: Whatever we focus on will grow
  • The itch scratch cycle cause #5: Shifting the burden

The itch scratch cycle cause #1: Emotions are a powerful force

Our thoughts are the main force behind our behavior. Everything we do is aimed to keep us safe, in control and we want to be accepted. If any of those three parameters is not in balance our (subconscious) will step in and make itself heard.

The strongest force is the will to survive to be safe, we do whatever it takes to guarantee our survival. Our survival as a person, our self image, our social live, our financial well being, health our core beliefs about the world and ourselves. Many aspects and levels which our mind links to our survival. The main tendencies in case of extreme danger or fear are fight or flight, we will either play dead and hide or we will attack whatever threatens us.

The mind does not distinguish from where the threat is coming from. In case of Neurodermatitis the mind recognizes the skin as the source of thread and since we can’t hide from it we attack. As I mentioned before, those insights come from my own experience from working with myself and with many people who have Neurodermatitis as well as others. Once the emotional charge created by suppressed feelings is gone the urge to itch gone immediately.

The itch scratch cycle cause #2: Repetition creates automatic behavior

Our mind and thinking in this moment is the result of our past experiences. Without being aware we perform many activities almost automatically or having to think. When we drive a car we focus on the traffic and the other parameters but we don’t have to think about it as we did when we first learned to drive. By repetition we created an automatic behavior that helps us when we drive. The same is true to the way we write, speak, eat and think. Most activities are programs that we can just follow based on what we have learned in the past. Another example I want to give is the almost automatic response to a scratch, if something itches you, you will eventually do something about it to remove whatever is causing your skin to scratch. It is one of those programs like breathing etc that is deeply ingrained in us.

What I am pointing at is that every time we itch and scratch ourselves we reinforce the habit and make it stronger and more automatic.

The itch scratch cycle cause #3: Resistance creates more of what we don’t want

Whatever we resist persists. Whatever we like or dislike has power over us and the more we resist something the more feelings we suppress. Resistance is always negative and the source of suffering. Unfortunately we don’t get born with those insights and sometimes we have to learn the hard way. Positive, harmony and love are the healing forces in us and our natural state and once we loose that harmony the suffering starts. I admit it is difficult to not resist the symptoms of Neurodermatitis but it still doesn’t help us get well. If you have heard about Aikido, a Japanese martial arts philosophy teaches to not resist the opponent, it teaches the opposite. I have seen myself how effective this way of dealing with conflict is, they teach to use the enemies force instead of fighting it. To relate it to Neurodermatitis, as long as we fight, reject our skin*, are frustrated about it, we are creating more of what we resist.

*Might be difficult to see: But I am sure you are not loving your skin and the situation.

The itch scratch cycle cause #4: Whatever we focus on will grow

Neurodermatitis is a constant annoyance and we are aware of it all the time. Thinking about it, dealing with it, feeling it and figuring out how to get rid of it. Little by little it takes away time and focus on things that help us relax and enjoy the nice things in life. We are constantly reminded about it and arrange our lives and everything we do around minimizing the pain it is causing. That is how eventually like in my case it completely takes over by giving all of our power to the symptoms. A vicious cycle that is growing by us giving it all the focus.

The itch scratch cycle cause #5: Shifting the burden

When we face a crisis which feels overwhelming and without a solution it is typically a fear or unresolved trauma from the past that is behind the issues. We are not consciously aware of what is behind it, and our mind is trying to protect us from experiencing pain at all costs. In order to divert our attention we shift the problem to a different battlefield. We create a disease, which keeps us from having to our painful feelings, even if the pain is overwhelming. You might remember when you got sick in order to skip school for a day or two.

From my own experience I know that we usually don’t want to change unless we have to. When the pain is big enough we will let go of resisting and we might cure. Often enough I have experienced, that somebody asks me to work with them but they don’t show up enough to create the change. That applies to disease in general, there is always some benefit to it, you just have to look close enough and will be able to see it. In my experience the most painful suppressed belief is that of not being good enough or not deserving love.

What to do about the itch scratch cycle?

While the information I presented here seems to be massive and overwhelming in reality it is very doable to eliminate what is causing the symptoms of Neurodermatitis. The most important thing is to know HOW TO DO IT. And that is what Apsolvo can teach to anyone interested.

I hope this has given you new ideas and insights about Neurodermatitis. All this is caused by suppressed feelings and once you learn how to eliminate those Neurodermatitis becomes a thing of the past. I want to motivate you to contact us to find out how we can teach you to start working on eliminating what is causing Neurodermatitis.

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