Neurodermatitis treatment

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The common Neurodermatitis treatment is aimed at reducing the pain and making the symptoms more manageable. The biggest issue with Neurodermatitis is a vicious itch-scratch cycle which leaves the person end up exhausted and irritated from constant never ending scratching. Neurodermatitis is progressive and can create various additional complications such as arthritis which adds to the pain. Besides the physical pain Neurodermatitis has a tremendous impact on the persons well being since it is impacting all areas of ones life. Treating Neurodermatitis doesn’t end until the itch-scratch cycle is stopped.

Neurodermatitis Treatment an Overview:

  • Anti inflammatory: Using a creme that contains cortisone which suppresses the immune system and reduces inflammation in the skin area.
  • Antibiotics: To prevent infection of the affected skin.
  • Tranquilizer: To provide relief from mental and physical agony, might allows provide better sleep. 
  • Cremes and oils: Cremes and oils keep the skin moist and keep it from braking and might also lessen the dryness and itching.
  • Diet: In some people a change of diet
  • Stress relief:
  • Home cures: Aloe Vera, apply ice on itching skin…
  • New Apsolvo Method: Elimination of what is causing Neurodermatitis
To summarize: The common Neurodermatitis treatment is aimed at reducing inflammation, keep the skin moist, reduce itching, and improving the symptoms through special diets.

Neurodermatitis treatment: a personal experience

I would like to mention that I am not a doctor, instead I have been suffering from Neurodermatitis for many years until I found a way to recover my health 100% naturally. I understand what you are going through and I have personally tried all the above mentioned remedies and tools and want to give you my personal experience.

All of the above mentioned remedies have helped me one way or another to treat the symptoms and over time you became an expert in dealing with the situation and find out what works best for you. Every person is different and I think its best to keep trying what works for you.

The first thing that I did was to go see a dermatologist. Even though he couldn’t help me very much it was helpful to me to get the facts through an in depth analysis. In the beginning I did use cortisone which is the general way doctors deal with it. In the beginning it did give me an relief and the skin felt better for a while. I would occasionally go back and use but I did notice that my skin got thinner and that not only in the areas where I applied it to.

A few time I had light infections and I used antibiotics as a treatment, later on I would use oil of Oregano which worked much better for me and it does not come with side effects.

What was really painful for me was very dry skin which would lead to cracking of my skin and increased sensitivity. I used all kind of different oils and cremes that I applied directly or in form of oil bath. The one creme that helped me most in the end phase of was a heavy fat creme from Germany (Linola Fett) which was expensive but helped me get through the day.

For a while I would apply fresh Aloe Vera juice (its more like a slime) directly on my skin. It had a cooling effect but came with the side effect, that the Aloe Vera would form like an additional skin layer that would brake and could my skin.

Taking walks in the forest or in a park had a very calming effect on me and lifted my spirit. At one point I wanted to get away from it all and went on a 6 week motorcycle trip. While riding the motorcycle my mind is so focused on the driving that it did not give me time to think about my problems and the symptoms got better for a while. In general anything that is a distraction is helpful.

Something very easy can be, to put ice on the area that is itching, obviously you can’t do that at work or when driving but sometimes it can be done and it helps.

A big shift came in the end when I gave up my fight and the struggle, I did accept my symptoms and was not bothered by it anymore which gave me peace.

Changing my diet had absolutely zero effect on the process. Even eating the things which are not recommended (salt, certain seafood, spices) did not make any difference.

As I mentioned before it was very helpful to me to try different things to find out what worked for me.

In the end all of the different ways to deal with the situation was almost like a part time job and was not a solution for me, especially in the later stages were cold was painful due to the developing arthritis symptoms.

There are many ways to make life more easy


Neurodermatitis treatment does not cure until the cause is eliminated.

What I would like to share with you is what I have learned how to eliminate Neurodermatitis completely without having to deal with it anymore. I know you will be very sceptical, my claim is unheard of but the Ending Neurodermatitis Now! Program is real and I am here to help.

One Neurodermatitis treatment that eliminates what is causing it

I don’t want to impose myself but please give it a try. I know it might not be for everybody but the only way to find out is by doing it. It is up to you, I can only offer to share with you what I have found.

The treatment is very simple and effective and the results can be experienced immediately.

One thing you should be aware of, if you continue with the same Neurodermatitis treatment you will get the same results that you have now. To get different results it is advisable to try something new.

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