Secrets to ending Neurodermatitis III

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A shift in Consciousness

It was very strange, from one moment to the next my whole reality had changed. My skin was still in bad shape but I was not bothered by it.

“Consciousness is your level of understanding of how you create your reality.”

How do I get my health back?

You will be amazed at how simple it can be

The essence of what I am teaching are three things:

  • Mind
  • Consciousness
  • Thought

Those are the elements of change.

Once you understand those three principles all of your troubles will disappear.

Those principles are the elements that create the human experience. Without these elements life is not possible.

  • Mind is the energy and intelligence that powers all life, like electricity powers a computer. It is the energy that gives life to your thoughts.
  • Consciousness is your ability to be aware of your reality.
  • Thought is the element that creates everything in your life.

The three principles cannot be separated they are always at work at the same time.

The one aspect that gives us choices is thought.

Freedom of Thought

We all have the gift of freedom of thought. You can always decide what thoughts you hold in mind.

If you hold positive thoughts in your mind, you will be happy. If you think negatively you will suffer.

Thoughts are as real as you think they are. The biggest mistake that we always make is to believe, that our thoughts are real.


“The only thing that you can ever experience is your own thinking.”


Thought creates how you feel, how you act, how you behave and the results that you are getting.

Now you might think about psychology and that change takes a very long time.

And yes, that was my experience as well.

But I can assure you that reality works very differently. Change happens through insight. Insights that let you see the truth.

Imagine you are driving in the desert. Imagine in the far distance you see an oasis. You begin to think about the food you will eat, the things you will do.

As you get closer you realize it was a mirage, the oasis does not exist. All thinking about what you would be doing stops because you realize the truth. The oasis does not exist.

The same way your life will change as you begin to realize that your reality is entirely created by your own thoughts.

About the Program

Everybody who has been in my program made the realization that Neurodermatitis is not the problem, it is only a symptom.

That is when the sessions are not focused on the skin problem anymore, they are 100% focused on creating a sense of happiness and joy from which everything in life flows.

Relationships improve, clarity improves, a sense of well being and calmness takes over and life is great again.

Next Steps

If you found this quick guide helpful and want more help with getting rid of your suffering please apply for a free 1-on-1 with me.


  • 100% 100%

“The skin started to heal without using any creams. It was an amazing feeling!”

Sky A., Dentist, England

“The learning was very simple and I enjoyed every single session with Guido and I can really recommend his work to anybody suffering from Neurodermatitis.”

M.I. Serbia Artist

“20 Years of Neurodermatitis Gone in a Few Weeks!”

P. N. Consultant – UK