Surrender to your weakness and find the solution to Neurodermatitis

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There are a few people that I really admire above everybody else. One of them came to my attention 30 years ago. And there’s not one person on this planet that couldn’t learn from him.

He was a true genius.

His name is Moshe Feldenkrais. When he was 14 years old when he taught himself the art of self defense. Later on he became a scientist, a word class soccer player, the first westener who received a black belt in judo and he was part of Frédéric Joliot-Curie’s team that received the 1935 Nobel price in chemistry. He was fluent in more than 6 languages and had expert knowledge in many scientific areas.

One day, while he was playing soccer he injured one of his knees and his doctors told him that he would never walk like he used to. He did not accept the verdict his doctors gave him and decided to take things into his own hands. So he began to study his own body and healed himself.

In the process he created the Feldenkrais method which is being taught by thousands of practitioners all over the world. A method that is still expanding and growing today.

When I read his book “Awareness Trough Movement” I became fascinated by his vision and boldness. Even though his method did not help me with my Neurodermatitis issue, there is one thought which I will never forget.

Surrender to your Weakness and your Genius appears!

This thought literally saved my life. When I realized that doctors can’t help me with my Neurodermatitis problem I remembered this thought and I put it into practice. I made the decision to find my own solution.

There is another very similar concept which I have heard many times. They say that in the Chinese system of writing there is a symbol that has two meanings.


I don’t speak Chinese and I don’t know if that is true but I do know one thing for sure. “There is a solution to every problem you can think of.”

Moshe Feldenkrais was a man of great intelligence but what has always inspired me the most was not his intelligence but it was two things that I see in his life story. It is

Attitude and Initiative

Life is a mystery with many challenges and opportunities for trouble. As with anything in life it does not matter what happens but it makes all the difference how we react to life’s challenges. And that comes down to Attitude and Initiative.

My attitude is that when life gives me a lemon I make lemonade and I always take initiative when I see that something can be done better.

Most people lack initiative and they only do what they are told to, even when its not working. In the case of Neurodermatitis most people believe the common belief that “there is no cure for Neurodermatitis”.

Fortunately I remembered Moshe Feldkrais’s thought about surrendering to my weakness plus I have always had the habit of never believing anything I could not prove to myself.

I have learned that Neurodermatitis is a life crisis. A crisis in the search that every person on this planet is looking for. The search for meaning and happiness. What I found is that happiness is inside of every person if we begin to go into the right direction. Once I did, I found a lot more than I ever expected. Most of all, I found my health and happiness and Neurodermatitis was the way that helped me get back on track.

There are many wise people in this world and those are the people have more to offer than can be explained with words. It is the deep knowledge and understanding of life that provides solutions that can’t be found in the world of science because it does not make any sense to the intellectual mind.

I am talking about the power of wisdom that is in every single person. It is the people that push the boundaries of the known and possible, the people who take on any challenge who will always find the same thing. They find themselves.


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Sky A., Dentist, England

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M.I. Serbia Artist

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