What can I do when the itching starts

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The most painful experience of Neurodermatitis is to go through “another” episode of itching and scratching. It is an extreme experience which nobody that has not gone through it can ever understand.

The short answer is, there is nothing you can do. As long as the itch/scratch pattern has its hold on you, it will continue without you being able to do anything about it.

The long answer is, yes you can do something about it.

You can

  1. Have a better understanding about the pattern
  2. React differently
  3. Calm your mind

What can I do when the itching starts

A better understanding about the pattern

At its core Neurodermatitis is a thought pattern. A thought pattern of being lost in a dark place, of total despair and confusion. It is like going to a very dark, very dangerous place that gives you the ultimate experience of fear and being lost. The resulting fear is so intense that it affects your skin and puts you into a survival mode, you literally fight for your survival.

Its all happening in your mind and it seems to be out of your control and power.

The fact is it is a thought pattern that aggravates your mind, your nervous system, your skin to the maximum. The irritated skin is a symptom and not the cause of Neurodermatitis. It pushes you beyond your limits.

Next time it happens try to see the thought pattern that is behind the attack. Just knowing the fact that it is a thought pattern might make a difference for you.

What can I do when the itching starts

React differently

The typical itching cycle is somewhat like this…

  1. The skin begins to itch.
  2. Your mind is trying to figure out what to do but you don’t have an answer.
  3. You begin to disapprove of the situation, the itching skin, yourself. You resist.
  4. You loose control and scratch until the itching feeling is gone and you feel somewhat satisfied.
  5. You feel a temporary relieve from the itching.

One of the things our mind is always trying to do, is trying to figure out what to do. We always expect the mind to have a solution. In case of Neurodermatitis it is impossible for the mind to have a solution because the mind is the cause of the problem.

Trying to figure it out

Our mind works exactly like Google. It is like a big database. If you search Google for information it does not have, it will tell you “your search did not match any documents”. Your mind does not tell you that, so you keep asking your mind for an answer that it doesn’t have, which agitates the mind even more.

One of the most uncomfortable thoughts for the mind is to not know, and when that happens we tend to disapprove. Its an automatic behavior, like a reflex.

Disapproving of the situation

Its the thoughts like…

  • Not again
  • I can’t take it anymore
  • I hate this
  • How can I change this…
  • I hate my skin etc.

Those are the thoughts that contribute to the itching and suffering. It is those thoughts that make the problem even bigger and agitate your mind even more. Thoughts create our reality and experience and holding in mind what you don’t want is giving you exactly that, an experience that you don’t want.

I know that it sounds impossible to not disapprove and resist, I have been there but the truth is, it is not helping. It is like putting oil on a fire.

Change comes when you stop trying to change what happens, but instead take the role of a neutral observer with understanding and patience.

What can I do when the itching starts

Calm your mind

As part of the process, participants in the “Ending Neurodermatitis Program” sometimes call me during an itch/scratch episode.

In the beginning of the call their mind is extremely agitated and full of many different thoughts.

A few minutes into the call, after helping them see clearly what is happening there is less thinking and the mind becomes more quiet.

The suggestions that I am giving you here are not a quick fix, but they can direct you into the right direction by giving you more understanding about what happens when you find yourself itching and scratching.


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