What is causing Neurodermatitis?

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I remember the dreading moments between my last itch/scratch attack and the next one that I knew was coming. Almost every time after I was done scratching I swore to myself I would never ever do it again.

A promise that I was not able to keep for very long.

And sure enough within hours I would have that feeling of knowing that the next attack was about to come.

And when it came I was resisting and fighting until this invisible force made me repeat the same pattern again. This pattern went on for many years like clockwork. Very predictable, unstoppable and merciless.

I never understood which forces I was up against and that was the real issue, my lack of understanding.

It is actually very simple, if you can see it. And that is what I will try to share with you in this article.

What is causing Neurodermatitis?

It is a thought pattern!

In order to understand thought we need to look beyond the content of our thinking and understand the nature of thought. Here are a few thoughts that I have found to be true.

  • The only thing you can ever experience is your own thought.
  • Thought is not reality. It is thought that creates our own reality.
  • If you believe a thought to be true it will be true to you.
  • Thought on its own is completely neutral.
  • Thought is our greatest gift and greatest weakness at the same time. We often lack the ability to change our minds and so we get stuck in negative thoughts and behaviors from the past.
  • Positive thoughts create a healthy life.
  • Negative thoughts make you feel bad, create negative behavior and all of your suffering.
  • Thought is the missing link between neurodermatitis and health.
  • Thoughts are like movies that are projected on a TV screen.
  • It is you who gives power to some destructive thoughts, not using your free will to choose your thoughts.

What is causing Neurodermatitis?

It is my own thoughts that create Neurodermatitis!

I have seen many different trigger thoughts that cause Neurodermatitis. The fear of being alone, of not being good enough, of being bad or evil, of not deserving…

As long as you believe that those internal thoughts are real, they will send you on a lifelong chase in the outside world to overcome the internal thoughts in your inner world. You will try to become very successful, to be loved by everybody to be superman/superwoman but its not working.

In the end you become deeply frustrated and it is this very deep frustration that makes you attack yourself in thoughts and action (scratching). It is this very deep frustration that makes your skin itch and hurt.

What is causing Neurodermatitis?

During an itch/scratch attack the mind is extremely agitated.

Recently a participant in my 6 month program called me during an itch/scratch occurrence. During this experience I was guiding this person to become aware of the thought patterns. The mind was extremely agitated. After a few minutes the mind calmed down and became quiet and most of the turmoil and pain was gone.

What is causing Neurodermatitis?

Not understanding the power of thought!

There are three elements that create all human experience.

  • Mind: The force that powers our thoughts and life.
  • Thought: The element that creates all of our experiences in life.
  • Consciousness: Our ability to be aware and to have an inner experience.

Whatever thought we put into our mind creates something. The mind is like an oven. You can use an oven to cook delicious food or you can cook a shoe. The oven does not care. It is there to help you cook whatever you want.

If you hold in mind the thought pattern behind Neurodermatitis the mind will recreate the experience as long as you hold those thoughts in your mind.

A Neurodermatitis itch/scratch episode is like you driving a car at full speed while being afraid to crash, not being aware that you are in the driver seat speeding to the maximum.

The mind is very powerful and once it is agitated it has power over you as long as you don’t understand the minds nature.


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